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Welcome to Concierge on Call

Do you need help organizing or de-cluttering your home?  Preparing to downsize or move?  Paperwork organization  assistance?  We are your personal assistant service and can help with these things!  We will help you organize your home or life to allow you to have more free time to enjoy family and friends. Please check out our project photos on our Facebook page.

What our fantastic clients say

"Emily helped me go through 23 years of stuff in my house to get it ready for sale. She was very hard-working, putting in 8 or 9 hours some days. Emily was good at advising me as to which items I should keep, throw away, or donate. She was efficient and friendly -- a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Concierge on Call to anyone needing organizing, de-cluttering, etc."

Cindy S.

"After the death of my wife, Lynne stepped in, used her personal caring, professional skills, contacts and business acumen to help me sort through 45 years of stuff, make repairs to my house, and sort out my financial affairs. Lynne is capable and willing to help tackle almost anything. She took a desperate situation and turned it around. I cannot recommend her business highly enough!"

Larry K.

"Lynne and Emily were able to accomplish more organizational work in 45 minutes than I had been able to get done in months. With two kids, a job, and a small business I don't have time to sort through things and tidy up anywhere near as much as I would like. They cleaned up a particularly problematic bookshelf/activity storage area and playroom so that I could purge items that were taking up unnecessary space and since starting fresh, it has been much easier for me to keep things organized. I'd much rather be spending time with my kids than stressing over the increasingly disorderly toy situation, so Lynne & Emily's services were most certainly a gift. I have some closets that are in desperate need of attention--so Concierge on Call will definitely be hearing from me again!"

Anna R.

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